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We’re HubSpot Social Media Certified!

I’m proud to announce that Zwick Web Services is HubSpot Social Media Certified as of November 5th!

HubSpot Social Media Certified

As they say in the certificate: “They have been tested on best practices and are ready to take an inbound approach to social media including: social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, creating social media policies and demonstrating social ROI to stakeholders”

What is the HubSpot social media certification, and why should I care?

HubSpot “wrote the book” on marketing through creating content people want to engage with in order to drive sales of their sales and marketing tools. Over the last couple of years, they developed a program in their HubSpot Academy teaching people the ins and outs of organic and paid social media marketing.

The certification covers all sorts of things, from how each platform works, how to engage with users, what kinds of content are most effective on which platforms, which demographic groups are reachable on which platforms, even how to handle a crisis.

The goal of the certification is to teach the latest and greatest in effective social media management. A team that’s received the HubSpot Social Media Certification can create content that people want to engage with, ads that get results and can determine how effective those ads are with analytics tools for continued success.

That’s great and all but why should I care, again?

Do you want people to care about what you post on social media? Otherwise, why bother, right? More importantly, you should know how many people cared, so you can get better each time. You should know what people on social media are saying about you so you can get on top of crises before they’re actual crises.

You might not care about social media, but your customers do. They want to engage with you on social media, someone has probably already complained on social media when things went wrong with a sale or a customer service agent… and these are opportunities to impress an engaged audience and earn new business.

If you’re struggling to manage social media and focus on growing your business, reach out today. We’ll be happy to help develop a social media marketing strategy for you and execute it for you!

I’ll be updating the blog as we acquire more credentials. Stay tuned!